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Smoked Beats w/Adia + Friends

Is love in the air? Or has it left you in despair? The catalyst for any emotion is music, and this edition of Smoked Beats brings you some funky, just-right jams.


Resident DJ Adia (Farout Musica)

Mikel Douglas (ATX)

He's definitely not Russian nor has he been the star director in A Chorus Line; however, Mikel Douglas is sure to make your kick-spin-down-POP give Broadway a run for its money. Underestimated yet overqualified, Mikel's music breathes a life of its own into the atmosphere. With impeccable programming, he selects tracks most of us would pass up at the record store, and weaves them together in way that makes you whip out Shazam. Don't miss this one!


Delectable pizza from the host venue's kitchen.